It is with great sadness we announce that Geoff Naldrett passed away suddenly on the 8 December 2023. He was a long standing & highly regarded memeber of the club.

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Geoff's "Immortal Game"

Ray Keene published in his Times Chess Column on 9 February 2013 a game played in Gibraltar by Geoff Naldrett involving a queen sacrifice.  The most striking feature of the game was the fact that this sacrifice represented the very first capture of material.

The game was also published shortly thereafter in Chess Magazine.

Geoff Naldrett v Tamarit Gonzalves

1.c4 c5 2.g3 g6 3.Bg2 Bg7 4.Nc3 Nc6 5.d3 d6 6.Nf3 e6 7.Bg5 Nge7 8.0-0 0-0 9.Qd2 Re8 10.Ne4 Kh8 11.Bf6 Rg8 12.Qh6 Nf5 13.Qxh7+!! Kxh7 14.Nfg5+Kh6 15.Nxf7+ Kh7 16.Neg5 mate

Matt Gazes wins the club 2023 Neville Harper (Blitz) Trophy.


Tim Wheeler wins the 2023 Ruddle Cup.


Alex Kay becomes the 2022 Club Junior Chess Champion. Chrissie Kay comes second. 


Natasha Reagan (IWM) and Matt Ball (FIDE Coach) visit the club (Aug23). They spend a session coaching the Juniors and then reviewing their new "Chessable" training course on Zwischenzug (intermediate moves).

Chrissie Kay - becomes the Beaconsfiled High School Chess Champion (2023)

Benjamin Frewer wins the 2021 Juniors competition and the Frank Rich Trophy
Peter Colwill won the 2022 Ruddle Cup
Henry Neenan won the 2022 Nevill Harper Cup (Blitz)

Results of the 2021/22 Season for the Bucks League.

First Team came 4th in division 1.

Second Team came 3rd in Division 2.

Third team came 7th in Division 3


All agreed it was great to be playing chess over the board and face to face again.

FInally after a long wait, the winner of the 2020 Junior Competition gets the shield.

Well done Leo Harris!

75 AGM: Held in October 2021. Key points. 


President: Tony Ganner

Treasurer: Peter Cowill

Secretary: Peter Forest

Club fees held at pre covid levels: £76 adults; £25 juniors; £64 for over 65s

September 2019: The club issues it written constitution. Approved at Issue 1 at the 2019 AGM


Club Constitution: Issue 1: Signed Sept 2019
GXC Cub Constitution Sept19.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.3 MB]

September 2019: After over 30 years of loyal service, Vassos steps down as President of the chess club club. The club has awarded Vassos honourary life time membership.

At the AGM, the following positions were elected:

President: Tony Ganner

Secretary: Peter Forest

Treasurer: Peter Colwill

1st Team Captain: Peter Forest

2nd Team Captain: Ian Holden

3rd Team Captain: Ramesh Boury

4th Team Captain: Max Winberg

Vassos receives the 2019 ECF Presidensts Award for Chess from IWM & friend of the chess club Natash Regan. 


June 2019: President of Gerrards Cross Chess Club - Vassos Georgiou - is awarded the one of the English Chess Federations "President's Awards" for services to chess.




June 2019: Frank Rich 2019 Junior Chess Competition.

1st Place: Alex Kay

2nd Place: Dhain Nagi

3rd Place: Tejas Bellapukonda

See Picture Below

Top left: Alex Kay being presented with the Champions trophy by Tony Ganner

Top middle: 1st - 3rd Place

Top right: Dhain Nagi being presented with trophy for second place

Bottom left: Alex & Dhain about to play 

Bottom middle left: Tejas and Jonas Thornhill about to play for 3rd place

Bottom right middle: Tejas being presented with trophy for third place

Bottom right: Great final's evening supported by parents, and coaches: Peter Forest; Geoff Naldrett and Tony Ganner


May 2019: Gerrards Cross Chess Club Second Team - CHAMPIONS of the Bucks League Second Division.


April 2019: Lucas Barnett Harris makes the England squad for the U11 (Rapid Play)


April 2019: Arman Farahi-Far plays for England in the International Schools Under 11 (Standards Chess)

Club AGM held on the 5th September. Key points:

We will enter 4 teams in the Bucks Chess League for the 2018/19 season.

Club Officers

President: Vassos Georgiou

Treasurer: Peter Colwill

Secretary: Peter Forest

Vice President: Tony Ganner

1st Team Captain: Peter Forrest

2nd Team Captain: Ian Holden

3rd Team Captain: Paul Frost

4th Team Captain; Mike Jenkins

Annual Subsctiptions: Adults £74pa; Juniors £25pa; Over 65s £64pa 


Gerrards Cross Juniors Dhian & Nayan Nagi - tallented young chess players and great at making cakes !!! 

June 2018: Juniors: Frank Rich Trophy


The inaugural competition for the Frank Rich trophpy is finished. After near 80 games of blitz chess (10mins each) played from October 2017 to June 2018  & under full chess rules the winners are
Frank Rich Champion: Lucas Barnett-Harris
Under 13 Section:
1st Lucas Barnett Harris
2nd Auther Page
3rd Leopold Stenzel
Under 9 Section
1st: Benjamin Frewer
2nd: Dhian Nagi
3rd: Alex Kay
Special thanks to:
Natasha Regan (IWM & friend of the Club)
Peter Forest (Club Secretary & 1st Team Captain)
for supporting the grand final, the award ceremony and participating in several crazy rounds of simultameous chess against the juniors.

Gerrards Cross Chess Club well represented at the 2018 St Albans Chess Congress:


Intermediate (U140)

Geoff Naldrett 3/ 5

Doug Forbes 3/ 5

Tony Ganner 2.5/ 5

Ramesh Boury 1.5/ 5

Max Winberg 1/ 5


Minor (U120)

Ian Holden 4.5/ 5 (2nd place) - excellent result and probably the last time Ian will get to play in the U120.


Q1,2018: Arthur Page (9yr old) makes England under eleven squad.


Arthur, following in the footsteps of his older brother Charles learnt to play chess at Gerrards Cross Chess Club and has represent the club in the Bucks Chess League.


If you play a game against either of these talented guys pay attention !!


May 2018: Buck Chess League Results:

Division 1: Gerrards Cross 1st Team: 2nd 

Division 2: Gerrards Corss 2nd Team: 2nd

Division 2: Gerrards Cross 3rd team: 5th

8 June 2016 - GM Matthew Sadler & IWM Natasha Regan visit the club.

Excellent evening see Matthews report of the evening at 


Sunday 16 October: Bucks Junior Chess Competition. Open for Bucks Juniors only. Gerrards Cross Memorial Centre. Start 09:30. Contact

We are located at:

Gerrards Cross Memorial Hall

Gerrards Cross



Tel: 01753 883759




Your first 1 month membership is free. After that, membership is :

£76.00 / year adults

£25.00/yr juniors

£64/yr over 65s


Payment Methods:

* Cheques payable to: Gerrards Cross Chess Club.

* Bank Transfer: 40-22-05; Acc#: 81052608. Please use your name as the payment reference


Membership to the club grants you the opportunity to play for the Club in the Bucks Chess League, as well as participate in the Buck League individual championship.

NOTE to play in the Bucks Chess League you must be a member of the English Chess Federation


Our membership year runs from September to September.